What Did I Do Before My iPod?

All over the world, life is hard. In Indonesia people are recovering from losing everything in the tsunami. In India children are starving in the streets. People are killed by wars and oppressive regimes. And yet, here is my whiny little post.

I miss my iPod. How did I go 19 years of my life without one? What accompanied me on long walks to and from classes and between buildings at night? And yet, only a month after I bought it, my iPod is, for all intents and purposes, dead. It still has battery power and plugs properly into my computer. The hard drive is still spinning as usual but it can't receive commands from me, its master. The scroll wheel and clicker buttons are kaput. I have to send it in to Apple Care, where they will probably keep it for a month, tinker with it until it works then charge me return shipping to get it back. In the mean time I will walk these empty streets on the boulevard of broken technologies. It is a lonely road but it's the only one I've ever known.

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