Going Down in Flames

Well, I've finally decided. After a couple of years of infrequent updating, it's time for this blog to call it quits. I started it the week I graduated high school and it's still here, almost eight years later. I have one more post coming down the pike and then I'm going to leave it to the tumbleweeds or cobwebs or whatever springs up on old shuttered blogs.

I had almost forgotten how much fun I had doing this. I suspect every act of writing is an act of cultivating a persona, because a real person is just too complex to put down on paper. I didn't realize that when I started out and it shows in my early posts that are super-earnest mental coredumps*. Later posts actually seem to display a sense of humor and some personal insight, something my real world friends have given up on me ever finding. My writing "voice" certainly improved over the years, even if my speaking voice didn't.

Finally, I'd like to thank my readers. I made a habit of alternately denying their existence and insulting them, because I mainly wrote this blog for myself. But I know for a fact that at least 4 people I know in real life either are or were regular readers. I apologize for that fact that I have been as bad at keeping up to date with some of them as I have at keeping up to date with this blog**. Reading some old comments reminded me of how you guys actually are people and not the ignorant hivemind that the internet turns into in many places.

Like I said before, the writing has always mainly been for me. So I'm sure I'm not done writing altogether. I'll probably open another blog, probably more anonymously than this one. If you know me personally, get in contact somehow and maybe I'll let you know where I'm going next.

Or maybe not. I haven't decided.

*I wonder if writers who don't think they have a persona are like scientists who think they don't have a metaphysics, where it turns out you actually just have a crappy half-baked one.