Want to See Some Ugly Kids?

I know where to go!

Keep checking back, because this site is under construction. More to come on May 20, they tell us.

On a side note, how did they get models for this site?

Photographer: Ma'am, we think your kid would make a great model. Can we take some pictures?
Mother: Sure. What is it for?
Photographer: Our new website called Ugly Kids.

The more I look at those pictures, I realize that the kids aren't actually that ugly. They've been crudely Photoshopped into the little sideshow attractions they are now.

Cubs Fans Smell Like Poo

Image hosted by Photobucket.comWell, not all Cubs fans. I know a few who are more like armpit.

But the guys who rag on Steve Bartman are definitely the pooiest. I say this because I'm watching a special on ESPN about Mr. Bartman and the Cubs game. They threw stuff at him and were getting so violent that he had to be escorted out for his own safety. I realize the fans were mad but that was totally uncalled for. That's what beer and frustration do to people.

If I had to put a percentage on it, I would say that Bartman deserves maybe nothing% of the blame. The rest goes to various Cubs for not playing baseball. Here's how ESPN ranks the top five reasons:

5) Alou loses his cool. With Alou jumping up and down and yelling, the rest of the team got worked up too.
4) Dusty Baker doesn't do anything. The team was shaken, but he didn't even leave the dugout to talk to them until after the lead was blown.
3) Alex Gonzalez messed up the easy groundball. That probably relates to #4, Dusty Baker's failure to calm the team down.
2) Losing game 7. A Harvard professor did the math and discovered that the Cubs still had a 91% chance of winning the game, even after the dropped ball.
1) The Marlins were better.

Darth Vader M&M!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI'm sure you're wondering what this is. And I would tell you right now, except that then the text wouldn't wrap around the picture. Instead I'll keep you in suspense for a few more words then say "HERE!" Feel better now?

Darn, that picture is just way bigger than any text I can justify using to describe it.