I Don't Know Anything Any More

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I had a very confusing day yesterday. As I was browsing some news headlines, I learned that the Church of England is totally cool with infanticide. That later turned out to be untrue, but it still leaves me with one question. . . why was the story's title "Gay Gatsby got Capote fired"?

Coming Soon to a Monitor Near You

I recently received the honor of being invited to join a group blog run by my friend Scotty. I will be guest writing along with such blogosphere luminaries as Tommy and Ryan.

Have no fear, faithful reader(s) and creepy stalker(s)! I will still blog here. Probably with no less frequency than I post now (as if that's a high mark to surpass).

So check out And So It Is Written and keep going back. It only has one post now, but there's sure to be a furious storm of goodness coming right toward your proverbial boarded-up beach house of boredom, with a chance of over-extended metaphores and run-on sentences, in the near future.

Ladies and gentlemen, take my advice. If you're going to blatantly rip off Tommy, you should at least have something funny to say.