I Saw Robert Randolph and the Family Band Last Night!

For free! More detailed post to follow.

Word on the Street

I saw a funny t-shirt as I was walking back from classs today. It had a picture of a penguin on a surfboard along with the words "Frieze & Miazoff."

Haha! Frieze & Miazoff! Hahaha! Get it? Freezin' my… Oh. You do get it. Never mind.

On the Music Front

Rumor has it my friend Jason of Epiphany fame may be opening for Switchfoot when they play at The Rave in Milwaukee in October. I'm not sure if he will have the rest of the band with him or if it will be a solo set. More information as it comes.

It Smells Like Yeast Here

Yup, sure does. Good ol' breweries.


The post of nothing
Simply to show I'm not dead
But need to get sleep.