Poll Result Source

In an earlier post, I promised to keep my loyal reader(s) updated on presidential poll results. They seem to jump all over the place remarkably considering everybody says only 5-10% percent of the electorate is undecided. Well, let your heart not be troubled! I have found a website that updates major poll sources as they report their numbers. That sentence didn't really make much sense, but I think you know what I mean. It's PollingReport.com.

As of this post (October 16 at 3:35 pm CST):
Newsweek-> Bush 50 - Kerry 44%
Zogby-> Bush 48 - Kerry 44%
Newsweek-> Bush 50 - Kerry 44%
Tipp-> Bush 48 - Kerry 45%
ABC-> Bush 48 - Kerry 48%
Washington Post-> Bush 48 - Kerry 48%
GQRR-> Bush 48 - Kerry 48%
CBS-> Bush 48 - Kerry 45%
ICR-> Bush 48 - Kerry 43%
Gallup-> Kerry 49 - Bush 48%

Eat It, Roger Clemens!

As I was typing another post, Larry Walker nailed a homerun off of future Hall of Famer Roger Clemens. Just thought y'all might like to know.

Bloom on, sweet opiates of liberty! Bloom on!

I have found a new blog to amuse myself with. Just when I thought the whole blogosphere was a pile of pinko commies dumping on George Bush (with a few right wing nutjobs mixed in), I found fafblog. I can't say I understand, but why should that stop me? It doesn't keep me from appreciating the theory of relativity or Coldplay's lyrics or people from the south.
Sure, it's fairly liberal, but read the post called "Faf the Vote." Where does that stuff come from?

Check Local Listings

I'm not sure if it made ESPN or not, but I was a basketball star here at Marquette. We (those of us who "are Marquette") were celebrating Midnight Madness last night. It was the first time that NCAA rules allowed the basketball team to practice together officially, so they started right at midnight to avoid losing precious practice time. Marquette put on a party around the big day by introducing the players, having a 3-on-3 tournament and bringing in a cover band that played too much Maroon 5. They also brought some students down from the stands to take part in a shooting contest on the floor.

There were six people playing Hot Shot, three on a team. Each person had 30 seconds to go out and make as many shots as possible from one of several marked spots on the floor. Somehow, I got chosen. Less surprisingly, my team won. I say this not because I'm an arrogant jerk (I admit I'm not very good at basketball), but because--as far as I could tell--our team had the only two sober guys on it. As a prize, I won a Pizza Shuttle gift certificate and another gift certificate for BookMarq. I also got a cheering section for a short period of time. That was nice, too.

Margin of Error

In an attempt to make some sense of poll numbers that show Kerry up 5, then Bush up 10, then dead heat, then…blahblahblah, I am going to record evry poll result I come across right here.

Reuters-Zogby->Kerry 45%-Bush45% (+- 2.9)
CNN/USA Today/Gallup-> Kerry 49%- Bush 48% (+- 3.5)

Duh of the Day

Instructions in a Marquette University safety brochure (emphasis mine):
"Tell the caller that the call is being traced, press several numbers on the phone and hang up. Please note that technique is intended to scare the caller and does not actually begin a tracing procedure."