I Have Nothing to Say About This

Flagrant Publicity Scam!

In an attempt to increase readership and writer-audience interaction I am unveiling a new contest. The object will change from time to time, but this week's is about music references. Whoever can identify the most song lyrics from headlines of my posts (song title and artist are each worth one point) will win a link from my page to yours, as well as a virtual round of applause and pat on the back. The contest runs from today (Friday the 4th) until next Friday (the 11th) at 11:59 pm. Go!

Where Are You Going With Your Long Face Pulling Down?

What happened to no-sword.sieve.net? Matt was one of my favorite bloggers. In fact, no-sword inspired me to start my own blog. (*eyes getting misty*)

Now, everytime I try to check it won't load. Someone please tell me he moved his address. I can't believe that the inspiration for Lost In Translation would just close up shop and leave us. Does anybody out there know?