Presidential Thoughts

I was thinking about Ron Paul earlier today, but when his name entered my head I said "John Paul" to myself instead. So, constitutionally speaking, can you write in a deceased Polish-born Roman for president?

A bit more self-publicizing

For those of you who are curious (and I mainly mean Google's searchbots), I'm working on a Mike Mangione lyrics site. There's a full listing of songs here.

The Great Duh-vorce

If you haven't read The Great Divorce by CS Lewis, you're missing out. go to the library and get it.

The premise is that a bunch of souls take a bus ride out of hell into the outskirts of heaven. So this book is pretty much about a bunch of spirits floating around. Strangely, this must not be as obvious as I thought. When we encounter a character named Dick on page 39, a reader felt need to make special note of this, to another reader's exasperation.