100 Years- Five for Fighting

To quote Peter Griffin, this song is freakin' sweet.

Listen to it in the music section of Five for Fighting.com.
The lyrics are amazing. (Thanks, lyrics007.com.) He describes a man thinking about being a teenager as he literally journeys through his life. He describes important stages of life as he reaches them.

What really makes the song is the way the melody and the lyrics work together. The bridge is a great example:

Half time goes by (A)
Suddenly you're wise (A)
Another blink of an eye (A)
67 is gone (B)
The sun is getting high (A)
We're moving on... (B)
The first three lines build as they repeat practically the same tune and rhyme scheme (A). Then the rhyme changes (B) as well as the melody of the line. The fourth line goes back to the A rhyme and tune, building to climax. It lets off all that steam with the slow, almost sad "We're moving on…" (Thanks to Paul for pointing out the bridge to me.)

So in conclusion, (as I try my hardest to make this sound like it was written by a 4th grader) this is a great song. Give it a good hard listen.

Would I lie to you?

4 comments on this foolish article:

Cory said...

You're completely right Aaron. Cudos by they way on being able to discern the meaning behind the lyrics. A lot of songs by Five for Fighting have this type of theme within them. If you're at all interested you should check out some of their older material. One of my favorites is "Superman" by them. You should give it a listen.

Who knows.....maybe you'll think that song is "freakin' sweet" too.

Aaron said...

I really like Superman too. I haven't heard any other FFF songs, though. Do you have either of his CDs?

Cory said...

Yeah, I have both FFF Cd's, I'll give a copy to you, I think a lot of the "less known" songs are some of the best.

Aaron said...

Thanks, Cory (with no E). You rock!