Just Another Benefit of Big School Education

I no longer have to remember to check The Onion's Website every week to keep from missing things. In Milwaukee, stores just have copies sitting around to pick up for free. I guess that's the kind of service you get when you pay $25,000 a year for something. I bet there are plenty of country clubs in that price range that don't offer these kind of amenities.

Last Post From Illinois

Today was kind of a bittersweet day. I'm leaving for college tomorrow, so basically my life here is packed up in boxes and sitting in my dorm room in Milwaukee. I'm in no hurry to leave but at the same time, I want something to happen. And it sure ain't happening here. I said goodbye to everybody last night, but I caught up with a couple of my closest friends for breakfast this morning. We got to Maid-Rite at about 10. We ordered, ate and talked for a while. Unfortunately they all had 11 o'clock classes at Rock Valley so they had to leave around 10:30. We said our goodbyes and went to our cars and that's when it hit me. These people I normally hang out with three or four times a week, I won't be seeing for weeks at a time.

"And everybody knows, it hurts to grow up. But everybody does; so weird to be back here"--Ben Folds Still Fighting It

I apologize for being so sappy. Hopefully next time you hear from me, I'll be raving about my new school.

Geezer Word Alert

I said "consarnit" today while I was driving.

This Blog is #1!

As of right now anyway. Google the word "Flametroll" and see what happens.

EDIT: Yahoo and Alta Vista also have this blog at the top.

A popular listing (not related to my site) on excite.com's search engine says "dein post hoert sich etwas wie flametroll an,hoffe da irre ich mich." As far as I can tell from freetranslation.com'stranslation means "Your postal service something hears would hope itself like flametroll at there crazy I me." Probably that makes more sense in German.


Hey, take off that party hat! I won't be gone forever, I'm just not going to be posting for a couple of days. I go longer than that under normal circumstances a lot of times. What's happening is that I'm working on moving up to Milwaukee where I am going to attend Marquette University. If you know my name my new email address is firstname.lastname@marquette.edu. If you don't know my name then don't send email, you spam-schmuck.