What is Google Hiding?

Call me a loser, but I spend an inordinate amount of time looking at random things on Google Maps' street view. I decided to zoom in on the Googleplex to see what it looks like from the street.

Apparently, they tell their employees when the car is going by, because everyone is outside waving at the camera. Proving to me that Google employs the coolest nerds around, I found a guy dressed as Link, a wedding proposal (2.0, whatever that means) and a standup cutout of Marge Simpson. But at one point in the midst of the geeky frivolity, something sinister happens.

Shot one: Googlers standing around waving.

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One step further down the road: the crowds are gone, replaced by two men with blurred out faces.

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A further step: the crowds are back, with no sign of the mysterious men.

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Who are these guys? Why are their faces censored? No one else in street view gets their faces blured out. Why aren't we allowed to know who these two are?

I have some theories:

1) They're government agents investigating a UFO that was captured in the original footage. They flashed the camera with their red light thingy and it erased part of the camera's memory. Will Smith was too busy making serious movies to show up, so they hired Beau Bridges to stand in for him. Also, it was casual Friday at Men In Black headquarters.

2) Google is participating in a viral marketing campaign for The Ring. Their VP of advertising will be fired next week.

3) Mitch Hedberg was right about Bigfoot.

Whatever the truth may be, Google owes it to us to come clean. Fortunately they aren't the only search engine option. I went to Yahoo and found out that [Confidential Content Redacted Per Google End User Policy].

I Don't Understand Utah

Half the time they're trying to convince everyone that they aren't a state full of crazy people.

The rest of the time, they're busy putting giant phallic symbols on their quarters.