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Latest News on Eagles/Warriors

Thanks to Tommy for writing this excellent opinion piece.

Marquette Board of Trustees reached decision:  They are indeed girly-men.

After 6 months of controversey on the debate between Marquette's nickname of the Golden Eagles verses the former nickname of Warriors, the board of trustees finaly came to a decision.  They infact decidecd yesterday that they were not going to decide. 

One board member was quoted as saying, "I am really too scared to decide. Either way someone will be upset and will probably hurt me.  Thats just not the Jesuit ideal." 

Spokesmen from groups on all sides of the issues spoke out after the decison of no decision.  Students For Warriors supporter Brian Collar was seen toting his big flag chasing down a board member calling him a no good overpaid girly man. 

Representatives of the Demonstration for Dignity who were oppossed to the Warriors could not be reached as they were planning their next event. Apparently they are off to defend squirrels in the Marquette area stating that the term "garbage eating rodents" simply is not supporting the squirrels dignity. 

Students for Hilltoppers are still yet to be seen.

Man Massacres Nightclub. Journalist Does His Own Job on the English Language

According to

"It was unclear as to whom shot the alleged gunman."

NO! It was unclear who shot the alleged gunman. "Who" is used when the unknown person is the subject of the sentence. "Whom" is used when the unknown person is the object of the sentence. You could also properly say "It was unclear whom the gunman shot."

An easy test is to insert "he" into the sentence and see if it makes sense. You wouldn't say "It was unclear if him shot the gunman." You could say "It was unclear if he shot the gunman."

Looks like my work here is done.

I Had a Really Funny Image of a Dancing Bear…

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