My Least Masculine Online Day Ever

Earlier today, my sister sent me a "Who's your Twilight dream guy?" facebook application. A few hours later a friend sent me a facebook gift of bubble bath, along with a message about whipped cream. Then my previous blog post had me scouring the internet cursing the fact that there are so few pictures Dennis Rodman's risque book cover.

If you need me, I'll be lifting weights and listening to Eye of the Tiger.

I Find This Progression Disturbing

A chronological listing of Anne Coulter's book covers:

On the cover of her next book Mad as I'm Gonna Be, there will be nothing but a motorcycle and strategically placed copy of Reflections on the Revolution in France to shield our eyes*.

*Too obscure?

Church of the Holy Whapping

Where you learn something Catholic and weird every day!
It seems some native parents were acting as godparents to their own children. Since being co-godparents was a canonical impediment to the marriage of the parents--it created a 'spiritual relationship' or kinship--some were using this as an excuse to divorce [sic] their wives and remarry.

Manswers From Dr. Awesome

You'll grow hair on your chest just from reading this.