Update II: Son of Update

In my last post regarding the contest, I forgot to tell you where to stick it. By which I mean, I didn't provide a contact address for my loyal reader(s) to send their answers to. It wouldn't just post them on comments, because the next schmuck to come along would just take his one answer and stick it with all 25 of your hard-earned lyrics. We can't have that now, can we?

When you want to send in your answers, put a comment on the original contest post stating that you have sent your answers and the number of answers you think you have correct. Then email the actual answers to me at my already spammed-out address.

So go out there, play hard, play fair and play to win! Goooooo Mighty Ducks!


No-sword is back! It is a long and bureaucratic story of love, adventure and the loss of DSL service. When you're done reading my blog, I give you permission to read Matt's.

Where Have All the Flametrolls Gone?

I got a nice message when I checked up on my blog this morning, informing me that I (as a free account) can no longer remote link pictures. Why this is, I have no idea. Probably because the remote linked pictures were taking up sooo much space on Blogspots's servers. In any case, the logo is gone and won't be back until I figure how to modify the template myself. Which will be a while, seeing as I am both lazy and employed. Maybe never, really.

Food News of the Day

Since you love cow tongues so much, West Salem, WI is giving you the chance to bob for them.