Geocide Update

The exact details are unclear, but apparently the earth has been destroyed. My status icon has changed from "not destroyed" to "destroyed." Details will appear at the Earth Destruction Advisory Board as they become available.

The Powerless Have One Choice Other Than Despair

I saw part of the debate last night. I turned it off to watch The Office*. The more I think about the election the less happy I am about it. I feel completely powerless to know what the right decision is, even if my vote would make any difference anyway.

There's only one way for the powerless to do the most they can to change the world for good (also, there is only one way for the powerful to do the most they can to change the world for good and it's the same way). We're just going to have to pray this one out.

Our Lady Guadalupe is the patron saint of both North America and the pro-life cause. I'm going to pray a novena from October 26 to November 3. Join me. Jesus says wherever two or more are gathered, God is there. So that means me plus my entire readership may be just about enough.

*C'mon, you know "The Deposition" was the best episode of Season 4.

Unrelated Thoughts

I picked up The Onion today as I was walking out of a local beverage establishment. Having only moderately partaken of their products, I was not in a lessened state of awareness, but I was feeling somewhat warmer and happier than usual. One of the front page headlines initially appeared to be "Study Finds No Logical Reason Why Planets Fly." "Ha," I thought to my warm happy self. "That's a good question. What is keeping those planets flying around?"

Another look revealed that I had misread the healine. It was really "Study Finds No Logical Reason Why Planes Fly." Essentially, a shorter and less funny version of this post. The Onion was too embarassed of their blatant rip-offery to even post the story online, so I can't link to it. Let me just say, if you read my post you read everything worth reading in that story and a bit more. (They didn't even have the temerity to use the word "half-arsed," like I did. Also, they didn't have the pedantry to use the word "temerity." And they didn't have the impetuousity to use the word "pedantry." Etc.) That's the kind of service I strive to provide.

Also, is Jan gone yet?