Monk Rock

Lame pun, I know.

But how else do you title a post about a group of monks who does Gregorian chant covers of popular music?

Some of them include Tears in Heaven, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, The Sound of Silence and My Immortal.

Strangely, one of the best is Losing My Religion.

Update: I'm not sure if they're really monks...

Speaking of John C. Wright

He also links to a short (but probably pretty accurate) short story called Wikihistory.

Geez, can't this John C. Wright guy write some of his own stuff?

It's Like Pizza Flavored Beer!*

Those who know me, know that I love several things: The Lord of the Rings, humor and pointless arguments. Thanks to a post linked by John C. Wright, I am able to indulge all of those in a single blog post: Lord of the Rings and Property Law.

Don't know anything about property law? Neither does 95% of the rest of the internet. Don't let that stop you from commenting!