This ESPN Poll is Ridiculous

^Like, yeah, man.

Nice picture, too. has a poll asking how people feel about the report that Barry Bonds took steroids. They ask some good questions, but their answers are ridiculous. Their options are so extreme that there isn't any room between "I want to lick Barry's shoes clean" and "Burn, Barry, burn."

One questions asks:
"8) How will Barry Bonds be remembered years from now?
•Greatest HR hitter of all-time
•Greatest HR hitter of his era
•Steroid user"

There isn't anywhere for me to put my opinion that he is among the best of all time, but not the greatest. Not even necessarily the best of his era. And there will probably be a bit of a stain on his memory from steroid speculation, but I don't see it keeping him out of the Hall of Fame or anything like that. To use a political metaphor, I think he will be remembered more like Bill Clinton than Richard Nixon.

Here are some reactions to's story.

I'm not sure how long those links will stay up, so if you can't connect to this story in a couple of days, leave a comment and I'll send you your money back.

Honest, Professor, I Wanted to Do My Homework.

I wasn't in a great mood after my run-in with a bum-with-attitude today. But then, it snowed.

Oh, did it snow.
Oh, how the snow goes.
It snowed on a fox,
And on Kevin Knox,
And even on homeless guys in a box.

No, thank you, Dr. Seuss.

After the Bellarmine meeting, the snow was about half an inch deep. It was fluffy and wet, just like professional snowballers like it. No had even walked on it yet. It was perfectly smooth, pristine and beautiful. Naturally, we jumped right in with a giant snowball fight.

Tom, Becky, Rebecca, Jose and I pelted each other with snowballs for almost half an hour. I had snow in my hair, coat, shirt, shoes and pants. I like to think that I got off lighter than the rest of them.

It was Jose's first actual snowfall (he's from Chile), so he was impressed by the whole thing. We made a snowman. Jose couldn't believe people actually rolled balls of snow on the ground to make snowmen. "I've only seen this on Snoopy!" he said. The snowman had four segments and looked kind of like this. You can guess whe we named her.

After I had to go the library, but the pandemonium continued outside. For two hours students pelted each other with snow. Dan had a water balloon launcher that could shoot snowballs a mile. He was "going artillery-style on their a**es," to quote a source at the scene. I think it could literally knock someone out at short range. Not that we're going to try that tomorrow about 7 o'clock in front of Cobeen.

When I passed the Union, where Mrs. Butterworth had been, she was nowhere to be found. There wasn't even a trace of wreckage. I suspect she was entirely salvaged for snowballs. Hopefully there will be more tomrrow. Not that I'll have time to play in in it, since I didn't do anything tonight.

Now I have to go to bed and get 5 1/2 hours of sleep for class tomorrow.

We'd Excommunicate Him If We Could

Conversation between a Muslim kid on my floor and the (Catholic priest) chaplain:

Z: "Have you read Orwell?"

Father: "No, I haven't."

Z: "Jeez, Father! What are you good for?"