I Can't Help It

Every time I look at Joe Biden, all I see is Christian Shepard.

Also, Get Off My Lawn

While asking the Google about when baseball games are being shown, I came across this article about how some playoff games are only being shown on cable. Which is totally bogus, say dozens of rambling, semi-literate USA Today readers.

My personal favorite:
I remember the good old days where all games were on network one at a time, never overlapping. It is really sad to think that the networks don't want any of the playoffs. I blame it on football and soccer. Kids these days find these action sports better than America's pastime. They can't appreciate how great the sport is because it lacks the constant action they need in these days of violent video games.

Q: When is the proper time to use the ternary operator?

A: Any time!

I found this in a Java program I was updating at work:

boolean boolExcluded = obj.getString()
     .equalsIgnoreCase("yes") ? true : false;

Which is obviously redundant in this case. Geez.

"Completely Incapable of Pleasing a Woman?"

That's a direct quote from the subject line of an email I got today. I tell myself to be strong, but it stings a little bit.