Spring 2005!

Dave Matthews Band is putting out a new studio album in Spring 2005, according to the appropriately named dmbnewstudioalbum.com. There's not much there now, but more will come. Supposedly, someone hacked the site and found the next update. I haven't seen it yet, but there is a link in the discussion on AntsMarching.org's forums.

Thank You, Fark!

My day on the internet was really boring until I found this picture.

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All Rise! Higher, Please!

I just accidentally bought two pairs of medium-rise mens' pants. I didn't even realize there was such thing as medium-rise pants. At least until I put them on. Then I realized pretty quickly that they were a little tight around the, um, "inseam region."

What is the idea behind low-rise mens's pants (there were some of those at the store too)? Please help. I'm not being rhetorical. I'm really stumped.

Since We're Taking Quizzes…

Are you a music nerd? I know you tell yourself that when you look in the mirror in the morning. But do you have the guts to find out if it's really true? If so, click here.

I scored a 24.6%. Apparently that's good enough to make me a "Total Music Nerd."