This Post Brought to You By Fixodent and Mueslix!

I'm old. Those of you who know me know that this post is belated. I have been old for week now.

Or maybe, last week I was reminded again that I am old. The truth is, I've been old for more than a week. I learned about the Jonah Brothers when CNN popped up an entertainment headline proclaiming that they were virgins. "Bully for them," I thought "Who the hell are they? What are they doing on my lawn?" Some type of musical act the kids are all listening to nowadays. These kids and their Knuckleback and Naomi Wyoming. Lawrence Welk would have shown those punks what... where was I? Where am I?

Oh yeah, how old I am. Older, in fact, than:

  • A pitcher who threw a no-hit inning in the All Star game.
  • The female lead in her third season on a primetime TV show.

  • The guy who led my fantasy baseball team's pitching staff two seasons ago.

  • The guy who won the NBA Slam Dunk Contest two season ago

  • And lest you think I'm only including young people excelling in young people's professions...The author of Story of a Soul and a Doctor of the Church.

People younger than me

Well, I guess it could be worse. At least I'm not:

People Less Fortunate Than Me

Well, you know what they say: You're only as old as the police can prove you are. Peace out, homies!