Liveblogging the State of the Union

Yes, that last post means exactly what you feared it might mean... I'm liveblogging a political event! I'm dying to see Barney Frank again, but I might be out of "look how drunk he looks!" jokes. But boogers are still on the table. Err, I mean...

Without further ado:

Nancy Pelosi is wearing her beldam hair today: Nancy Pelosi
Other Mother

Obama said: "The most difficult [letters] to read are from children." He didn't add "Their handwriting is terrible."

Obama: "As hard as it may be, as uncomfortable as it may seem..."
Mike: "That's what she said."

So now somebody decides to do something about student loans. What about recent graduates?

In solidarity with the victims of childhood obesity, Michelle Obama refused to stand up or move in any way.

Obama: "No bills should be obstructed by a single political party."
Me: "Ahem! Not that I'm talking to anyone in particular. *Cough*Republicans*Cough*"
Obama (sounding defensive): "I'm talking to both parties here!"

So, uhh, that was it. I'm a little disappointed myself, and I didn't even waste the last minute and a half of my life reading this blog. Sucker!

Obama's State of the Union Shocker

"Due to low poll ratings, Jay Leno will be taking over as president."