See What Happens When I Can't Sleep?

Ok, so I already posted this on facebook, but it's not like I've ever been a stickler for originality before.

Coming this fall:

How I Met Your Murderer: Fox's gripping crime drama in which a retired detective tells his children the story of how he cracked a case...and how that led to them being born!

The Orifice: NBC's hilarious proctological mock-umentary series!

Hawaii Fievel: America's favorite mouse adventurer fights tropical crime!

The Deuce of Cakes: TLC's reality series starring customers who explain how they felt the day after eating the plastic-based frosting used on cake building shows!

If you thought I was above TV-themed poop joke puns, you've clearly never met me. "Proudly underperforming already-low standards since 2004™"