What I Really Mean When I Say I Don't Believe in Money

Earlier today, I said I don't believe in money. Mostly, I did it just to watch my financially educated friends get that little throbby vein on the sides of their necks. "Not believing in money" was hyperbole, but I also had a point (or rather a theory of how our view of money is messed up).

To put it briefly, in the context of the recent economic events: If you lost money and no one else actually gained it, you never had that money in the first place.

I will explain further in a later post.

I'm Going To Have to Disinfect The Furniture

Two of the most recent google searches that brought viewers to my blog were "completely incapable of pleasing a woman?" and "feels so right it can't be wrong".

You people frighten me.

EDIT: Further investigation shows that "completely incapable of pleasing a woman?" came from Windsor, England. It's nice to know that Prince Charles reads my blog.

Misery Loves Company

The host of a show I was watching today tried to keep my from turning off the TV at a commercial break. He said "I'm not going anywhere and I hope you aren't either."

I don't find that inviting. Actually it's kind of insulting to have a B-list celebrity say "I'm going absolutely nowhere and hopefully you're stuck in a dead-end existence too!" Listen, buddy, I'm not not going anywhere nearly as quickly as you are.

Reason to be Catholic #9515464

I saw a version of this diagram on the ceiling of a church I went to this weekend. I'm not sure what it's actually called, but I like to think of it a Trinity For Dummies.