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Cross Cultural Dialog

Walking to lunch at work last week, I had a strange conversation with a couple of the Indian contractors I work with. I suspect something was lost in translation.

R: Are you married, Aaron?
Me: No.
A: Does he look married?*
R: No, he looks happy.

* Translation: Doesn't he look like a high school student who painted that goatee on with his mom's eybrow pencil?

For Those Who May Be Interested

I just installed Subversion on my computer this weekend. It's really nice to have a versioning system that doesn't consist of me adding "-old" to the end of filenames and hoping to remember which version it is.

I kept running into a problem with importing projects, though. In some documents, the syntax seems to be backwards. The correct syntax is:

svn import /Location/to/source/ \
file:///Location/to/repository -m "Initial Import"

So if any of you were wondering, that's how it goes. Hope that helps.