Next Item-the Locks

I got home from only five weeks away at college and discovered that there have already been a few changes around here. Some of them are fairly minor-a new soap dispenser in the bathroom, a new phone in the kitchen. A few of them, though, have been more drastic and disconcerting. My car, for example, not longer has my presets on the radio. I used to have FM1 settings and my sister had FM2. Now, her stations have flooded over into both FM sets. Also, my San Damiano cross hanging from the rearview morror has been replaced by a lei. The St. Louis Cardinals air freshener is now a strawberry. I'm scared to leave and come back again. I may not have a room next time.

I Wish I Had a T-Shirt That Looks Like This

Something to Do Instead of Getting Wasted This Weekend

It kept me busy for while.
Clicky game.

Thanks to fark.

What Would This Site Be Without Weird Links?

Like this.

I love this prayer. It sounds like something from Braveheart.

A Warrior's Prayer

Great Creator God, who rules the world in glory and honor, I regret my dishonor and am ashamed of the honors I have not won. My sins are great and noisome, unbefitting a warrior, and they have brought me no glory and no honor, but only the taste of ashes. I am leaderless and lost without a foe. Your brave death was bought with great pain, and it was glorious,
for in that death upon the cross, you defeated death, sin and Satan. Lord God, I accept your atoning death as the sacrifice which covers my sin and shame. Enter into this warrior's heart and become emperor of my life. I trust in you my commander and willingly follow you into battle. Direct me now in my deeds so that I may be worthy of the honor you have bought for me!

I Swear I'm Not Making This Up…

Sorry, Dave Barry.

I was walking through an office building at Marquette today and I heard this complaint (without a trace of irony), which I repeat for you verbatim:
"Some people are so repetitive, they repeat themselves and keep saying the same thing over and over in different ways."