Easily Confused English Words

Working with international contractors has taught me a lot of things. For instance I've learned several English words that I don't think of as related are more similar than English speakers might think.

The morning of our epic USA vs India softball game, I had a discussion with the captain of Team India about what equipment we would be using. The conversation went something like this:

Captain: What other equipment do we need?

Me: You don't absolutely need to but I'm going to wear cleats.

Other contractor overhearing the conversation: [shocked look] What? Why?

Me: They're better for running.

Captain and me: Conversation continues...

OCOTC: [Sudden look of comprehension] Oh! I thought you meant kilts.

Also "pecan" and "bacon" are not related. Even vegetarians can eat pecans.

I can neither confirm nor deny at this time whether kilts are better for running.