All Kind of Fun Pictures!

It's Look At What Happens When You Leave Software Unsupervised Day (LAWHWYLSUD) at the Flametroll today. All of these were captured on my computer within the last 48 hours.

No Error
Well, that's good to know. With software like Rapid SQL, you need a notifier when unusual events happen. (See below.)

Yes or No
Are you asking me or telling me?

If you press No, it pops the message up again. Apparently, they're telling me.

When you allow algorithms determine headline placement, unfortunate things can happen.

hyper guy
According to Google Analytics, someone found The Flametroll with this search term.

Sad fact #1: Someone searched this phrase.

Sad fact #2: This phrase actually occurs on my blog. I can only imagine how proud my mother must be. There's a reason I don't talk to her about blogging. At least I had the decency to hit the space bar a couple of times.

2 comments on this foolish article:

Toaster said...

For a blog that flames bad TV commercials, I think you would like Pointless Planet:

Shakespeare's Cobbler said...

Sometimes AVG (my dad's anti-virus program of choice) says, "Test cannot be started because it already does not exist." I used to know what made it say that and hence what it was supposed to be trying to say, but I've forgotten.