200 Proof Excellence

I was just reading my friend Tommy's blog when I realized how good one of his old articles is. A girl wrote a trying-to-be-edgy Viewpoint in the Marquette Tribune about how it's a shame that a Catholic school does not provide students with contraception.

Tommy and I refused to be outdone. If someone out there is lowering the level of discourse, we can always go lower. Don't even try.

What we came up with was this. Booger jokes? Yeah, we went there.

Marquette students have boogers. There, I said it. We all get them. What do we do with them? Some scratch them. Others pick them discreetly with Kleenex. Still others brazenly dive in wrist-deep. I am one of those who dive right in.

Thrilling, compelling stuff. If you don't believe this could possibly get published in a serious journalistic publication, you're right.

Edit: It appears that the Tribune site doesn't have the entirety of the Cura Vaginalis article. You can find the full text and a good commentary on the whole event here.

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