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Image hosted by Photobucket.comDr. John Pustejovsky (Dr. Pusto for short) of the German Department (if there is one here) is my favorite professor I've ever had at Marquette (out of a dozen or so)(Yeah parentheses!). When I had a problem with getting a tested-out-of German class put onto my transcript, he helped me out. He taught me more German in one semester than I had learned in two years of high school. He is so cool he even has a page of the Marquette website in his honor. So needless to say, I have a lot of respect for him.

If it's even possible, I just gained more respect for him today. I walked into the Eucharistic chapel at the AMU and found him there, praying a rosary. Turns out he's not only a great teacher, an intelligent man, a nice guy and extremely helpful, but also a devout Catholic. I also hear that he's working on disarming Iran's nuclear program and single-handedly guarding every inch of our nation's borders. Those could just be rumors, but I'm not prepared to dismiss them without further investigation.

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Anonymous said...

Pustejovsky is a self-serving asshole. If he was praying the rosary in Joan of Arc, then because he WANTED someone to see him there doing just that.

You've been taken in -- either because you're naive or because you're simply a nice guy who thinks the best of people.

Believe me: Pustejovsky is all show, and he's all about himself (even calling himself and encouraging others to call him "Pusto" is nothing more than self-promotion.) He's a politician and like all politicians he is constantly running for something. I don't know what he's running for at the moment -- dean or provost perhaps, but I do know that he has his head in the ass of every administrator at Marquette. I don't trust him and you shouldn't either.

Take a poll of his colleagues in the Department of Foreign Languages (and you're right: there is no "Department of German") and if they are honest, they will tell you that they don't trust him.

And yes, he did get the teaching award, but, my friend, he got that award after spending five or six years in the College office as an associate dean and all the while teaching one regular course each semester followed by a full year sabbatical. In short, he got an award for teaching despite the fact that he hadn't done much teaching in the previous six or seven years.

The teaching award is ultmately a "political award" (although in a couple of cases it has been given to terminally ill faculty members). You can even figure out which dean is currently up or down by whether faculty members from his/her college or program get the award in a given year. But in any case, you can be sure that (except for the terminally ill) the recipients got the aware by kissing ass and sucking up to the right people.

The things that Pustejovsky did for you were things that any halfway accommodating faculty member would have done -- and of course, you learned more German in one semester than you did in two years in high school. This is college, after all, and it would be a piss-poor recommendation for Marquette, if that had not been the case.

Aaron said...

Whoa, where did this come from? Looks like somebody didn't get enough fiber this morning (actually that was me...).

I'll stand by what I said until I have reason to think otherwise. And some crank posting anonymously doesn't quite meet that criteria. Sorry Mr. Anonymous Internet Poster.