Surely Christians don't use words like…!

Oh, yes they do!

The site is strangely laid out, the content is boring and most of it has been moved to a different address. But the NAME is what keeps me coming back.

2 comments on this foolish article:

Lily said...

Ha, damn us Canadians trying to put down the website of religiously fanatical quilt farmers (who, from the look of things, not only raise but wear their specialty.)

Wait a minute ...

Aaron said...

Well, I'm not sure I like Canadian anti-hate speech laws. They tend to err on the side of shutting people up, rather than letting people be offended. I'm glad I'm still in America where I can publicly state my religious/moral views on politically sensitive topics.

But yeah, those Balaam's Ass people are a little out there. I'm Catholic, so I find if a bit amusing to read their anti-Catholic apologetics. If those raving, spittle-flinging diatribes are really all they've got it's more proof to me that I've found true religion.