Breaking Story: My Car Broke Down
(In related news, people are dumb).

In the continuing saga of my car not ever quite working right, we now have a new chapter. Last week, the battery light came on on my '88 Honda Accord's dashboard. Since it still ran just fine, I decided to take the cheap man's way out (do nothing about it until something goes wrong). Three days later, my sister took the car to Walgreen's© to drop off pictures. When she got out of the store, the car wouldn't start. I drove down to the store with my mom and we jumped the car. We decided to drive directly to AutoZone© about half a mile down the road. The car ran great for all of three blocks before dropping dead at a red light.

So there I was, the light red, the car dead, intersection ahead. I was about three car lengths back from the intersection, and for obvious reasons, my emergency flashers were on and I was going nowhere. The light turned green. The guy behind me honked. I assumed he would get the idea, but instead he honked again. I waved him past and he glared at me through the window, apparently wondering who this punk was who thought he could just up and break down in the middle of street. So there I sat, all broken hearted, waiting for my mom and sister to turn the other car around and pick me up. Meanwhile, the light turned red. A guy pulled up behind me, apparently not noticing the flashers and the fact that I was three car lengths from the intersection with no other cars in sight. The light turned green. The man gestured frantically for me to GO, ALREADY! Apparently, his religion (Moronism) didn't allowed to him to drive in the right lane of a four lane road and he was permanently stuck behind me. I put my head out the window and informed him that his head was apparently stuck way too far up there for me to be of any help.

Haha! Just kidding. I simply waved him past and he got over his legalistic "left lane only" interperetation of his faith long enough to get around me.

Oh yeah, I had to get the alternator replaced. I lost all my radio presets.

*Edit: Man, I was comma-happy.

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