Breaking Up is Hard

It's always a sad day when you get dumped via text message. Especially when you didn't know you were dating anyone to begin with.

I reproduce the text message conversation verbatim:

From: 555-555-5555 (3:32 pm)
I dnt want th truck keys. Jus want u to b a good person bu i have no control over that. I jus need to move on n realize u always gon b that person n it dsnt make sense but im sure ul get what ur seeking
I didn't respond.

From: 555-555-5555 (3:33 pm)
Ur right bout everything n im not gon give u th sick disfuntion that u need to stick around
I didn't respond.

From: 555-555-5555 (3:36 pm)
But when i get my truck thats it. Hope u Change n look For smthing good in ur life 1day.Jus sad that u want all this. U def changed for th worse
I didn't respond.

From: 555-555-5555 (4:05 pm)
Ok guessin ur playin the silent treatment game now. Im boardin my plane. U play so many games it must be a blaaaaast! Yaaay! Ur so cool! Hehehe
Ok, it's getting real now. Probably should respond.

From: Me (4:17 pm)
Im not sure who this is... I think you have the wrong number
im sorry youre having a bad day

Reading that again, I wonder if it sounds a little snide. I was honestly intending to be sympathetic. She was having a rough day. Anyway, I never got a response or a truck.

The "Best Response to This Story Award" goes to Coach who asked if I was sure I hadn't subscribed to a country music lyric service.

So Taylor Swift*, if you're reading this I hope you're doing ok. Honestly, you're better off without that loser.

* Yes, a pop culture reference only a little over two years old. I believe that's a brand new record for this blog.

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