I just figured out what "Don't Stand So Close to Me" by The Police is about.

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Fr. Doyle said...

Pray, do tell us what your observation is.

Aaron said...

I assumed I was the only person in the whole world who didn't already know this, so I didn't think an explanation was necessary.

My initial belief was that the song referred to an irritating person who Sting did not want to be in near proximity to. This might be because there was a commercial once where somebody played that song to get people to stop loitering in his cubicle.

This is in fact, not what the song is about. It's about a high school teacher having an inappropriate relationship with one of his students. There are rumors going around, so he tells her not to stand so close to me (Actually, I've taken "Protecting God's Children," so it's ok for her to stand somewhat close to me provided there is another 18 or older chaperone present. He really just wants her not to stand so close to him).

Fr. Doyle said...

Ah...hence the reference to Lolita, the "book by Nabokov". Thanks.

I am also finding out how little I know about many of the songs I sang growing up. How did they get away with putting some of this stuff on the radio for impressionable children to listen to and sing along with?

Sadly, the damage has been done. Now rarely is the time when I do not find myself singing along to radio hits from Billy Joel ("Only the Good Die Young"?? Not only anti-Catholic but what a waste of a good pop hook!) and the Eagles (at first, I thought "Hotel California" was about nice alien robots ala Styx's "Come Sail Away"; now I know it's all about over-commericialism and the dangers of the hedonistic life in California. Deep.).