Crusader Poetry

I came across an article about an ancient crusader with a particularly interesting tomb.

According to one source, an inscription on his tomb reads: "You who tread upon me, you will also be trodden upon: think about that, and pray for me." So just to be safe, the people who maintain the church he's resting in made sure to put a sheet of glass over his tomb.

The guy's name is (seriously) Anselme de Cays. I was inspired to write a limerick.
There's a tomb where a Knight Templar lays.
If one day his body is raised
The worm and the heat
(If not trampling feet)
Will ensure we see Anselme deCays.
Seriously, though, you should say a prayer for him. When you're sitting in purgatory* sweating off the effects of your sins, you'll want a Crusader praying for you.

*And if you're not going to spend any time in purgatory at all, you're probably not the kind of person who needs an ulterior motive to pray for somebody.

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