Political Polytheism?

By now, I'm sure we all know that Barack Obama is the Messiah.

But how many of us are aware that Hillary Clinton is too? According to James Carville, Gov. Bill Richardson is guilty of selling the Clintons out for thirty pieces of silver.

Apparently, Richardson doesn't set his sights high enough. Silver is currently hovering around $17 an ounce, while gold is pushing a grand.

But I digress (that's what I do). What's really important is that we find out who the real Messiah is, and pronto. When he/she comes back and we're worshipping the wrong Messiah, there's going to be hell to pay (literally, heh. Rimshot.).

Here are some options:
John McCain - He actually got tortured. Also, he's the one in the race who is most likely to respond to the name "Ancient of Days."

Ron Paul - The "John Dear, SJ Jesus." Came to overthrow the power of Caesar, got whacked by his own people.

Steve Adams - I don't even know who he is:

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