It's that 90% of Computer Scientists Who Make the Other 10% Of Us Look Like Nerds

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI drove past a firehouse today with a couple of engineer friends and we discussed how unfair life is for engineers and computer scientists like us. For some reason, women go crazy for firemen, but "I'm a computer programmer" is not an effective pickup line. Why is that the case?

Well, I came home and, to my dismay, found out exactly why. An artificial intelligence researcher in the Netherlands just published a thesis entitled "Intimate Relationships with Artificial Partners." I'm not making this up. It's about the possibility of humans marrying artificially intelligent robots.

Doesn't this guy realize that he is just setting us back even further? Or do he and his robo-wife not care about the rest of us?

6 comments on this foolish article:

Anonymous said...

If his ideas worked we could rewire his brain to make him less stupid.

I'm a computer guy, and I KNOW the difference between a robot (of ANY sophistication and intelligence level) and a girl.

Aaron said...

That's good! That will come in handy later in life.

Anonymous said...

Well, this whole mess is sad. First you admit that there are computer guys that want to have relations with machines, then a fellow computer guy states that he has learned the difference between and girl and a machine. Maybe it is possible that there there is something terribly wrong with engineers and computer programmers........... On an unrelated note, it totally kicks ass that you have a blog, I'm considering getting back into the blogsphere.

~James Loukanis

Aaron said...

I find that the best solution is just to poke subtle fun at them. I'm fairly certain they don't notice.

the first anonymous said...

Actually, I was trying to state that there isn't something wrong with all of us. And I've always known, I didn't have to learn it.

Poking subtle fun at them tends to work; they're not known for taking hints.

Aaron said...

No, certainly not.