I'm Pretty Proud of This

I took a political test today. My placement didn't mean much when it looked like this:

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But then I clicked on the button to show how you relate to famous people:

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I kinda like that.

Also, what on earth is Adam Sandler's political affiliation? And who's the buggy eyed guy on the top in the middle?

3 comments on this foolish article:

Ryan said...

Apparently I'm in Gandhi's heart.

btw...does it bother you to be that close to Darth Vader?

Anonymous said...

Isn't Mr. Bugeyes Ted Nugent?

Aaron said...

Wow, there are comments on this post! I didn't even notice.

Ryan: I think Gandhi is a bit misplaced on this chart. His views on contraception, homosexuality, divorce (and a number of other issues that John Paul II took flak
for) are rather similar to the Catholic Church's teachings. I'm not sure he's quite as permissive as he's cracked up to be.


Zippy: Could be. I didn't recognize him without his guitars-for-arms and a loincloth.