I'm World Famous

Last week was a big week for The Flametroll. A post about Time Man of the Year Richard Dawkins brought in a couple of very passionate new commenters. This blog must have had literally a dozen hits.

Time Magazine's Man of the Year, The Emerson Avenger, felt so strongly about the post that he commented on it five times. That's apparently some kind of symbology that I wouldn't understand, having not seen The daVinci Code.

Meanwhile 2006 Man of the Year, Tony, thinks I'm an idiot. Apparently he hasn't read my entire blog or he would know for a fact that I am an idiot.

Then my good friend, Man of the Year Ryan posted to say that I might have a been a bit harsh on the poor old guy (Dawkins that is, not the old guy that I pushed down the stairs. Ryan thought that was funny and well-deserved).

So let me make it clear what I meant. Richard Dawkins is not a worthless person. He is not without intrinsic value. In fact, now that we are in the (liturgical) Christmas season, the prayers of Liturgy of the Hours have been reflecting on the coming of Christ to earth as a human in order to redeem humanity. Thanks to the Father's act of creating us and the Son's coming to save us*, we are all of infinite value. Don't mistake my disagreement on ideology with a hatred for the man.

What I do believe is that Mr. Dawkins' idea are dangerous and should be dealt with both truthfully and with a sense of humor. No one wants to read angry vitriol countered by more anger. I believe (and I think my hero and Time Magazine's Man of the Year GK Chesterton would have agreed) that such ideas are better countered with a laugh and a "snap out of it!" than anger or long-winded refutation. That's all I tried to do and it's all I'm really qualified for.

Having said that, I have one last question. . .where did you new guys come from? I'm curious how you found my blog and I would appreciate a comment letting me know, if you're still around.

Merry Christmas and happy Feast of Saint Stephen! May we all be living for something worth dying for.

*No offense to the Holy Spirit, He's doing good work too.

3 comments on this foolish article:

Tony said...

Dear Flametroll (is that your birth name?). We all came to your silly Blog because most thinking web users have "Richard Dawkins" as an automatic alert on their Google Search engine... It's amazing how much rubbish (including yours) appears daily about Him, and mostly from God-Fearin' mid-west USA - I'm stunned that you can't see the relevance! RD is as close to 'God' as you or I will ever experience. And what a looker too.

Aaron said...

I have a hard time on the internet telling when people are joking.

Robin Edgar said...

I`m U*U World famous myself. Well notorious anyway. . . ;-)