You Know It's Ecumenism When No One Goes Home Happy

Not all Christian leaders happy with papal vespers service

REGENSBURG, Germany (CNS) -- Pope Benedict XVI participated in an ecumenical vespers service in Regensburg's cathedral, but not all Christian representatives were happy with the outcome. A Lutheran-Reformed bishop felt the pope put too much emphasis on relations with the Orthodox. An Orthodox representative expressed surprise that a Lutheran-Reformed bishop had been allowed to speak. A Methodist minister said he felt excluded because much of the singing was in Latin. Before the Sept. 12 service, Pope Benedict was introduced to representatives of the 16 members of the Association of Christian Churches in Bavaria, as well as to representatives of the Jewish community. They met in nearby St. Ulrich's Church and made their way in a procession from there to the cathedral. Parts of the vespers service were conducted by representatives of the Orthodox churches, and Lutheran-Reformed Bishop Johannes Friedrich of Bavaria read a meditation and called for Christian unity that allows room for differences.

It's pretty funny how all of them complained about a Catholic ceremony that they agreed to participate in. There was Latin? In a Catholic prayer? No Wittenburg, Werlock.

But my favorite part is the Orthodox complaint. He was apparently angry that the Lutheran even got speak. I have a visual image of an Orthodox bishop mocking a Lutheran. "Who here has valid orders? Oh yeah, not you--so shut up."

Thanks to the Rockford Diocese Observer and Catholic News Service.

3 comments on this foolish article:

Anonymous said...

Aaron not only do you crack me up but I agree in so many ways. It seems that the only thing that most agree on is that Catholics are the only religion that should be persecuted. Why I will never know. Maybe it is the fact that we can actually trace are ancestry back to something other than a disgruntled man.

Anonymous said...

Laughable, the idea that Catholics are "persecuted". When was the last time you were kept from attending church? When was the last time you were not allowed to attend a grade school, high school, or a college that is run by Catholics? The meaning of the word persecuted is apparently misunderstood by you. Probably that Catholic education. Sorry, was that an unfair generalization?

"disgruntled man". Interesting words to describe people who saw religious structure as something different than you yourself, or at least the belief that you yourself were indoctrinated with.

Aaron said...

Who are you people?