Wake Me Up Before You Comment

Recently, I was at the gym running. As you may know, there are six TVs in the room with the treadmills. At any given time, at least seven of them are either watching Entertainment Tonight or MTV. (I think that might tell you something about the demographics of the gym itself, but that would be stereotyping so I won't comment any further about the brainless crap gym-going females like to watch.)

Anyway, an episode of Entertainment Tonight came on, prominently featuring an interview with George Michael. If you were born after 1979, you may be wondering why George Michael is famous. So am I. Apparently it was for being a member of the band Wham! (the exclamation point is his, not mine. I don't find the band so exciting that it deserves special punctuation.) They were known for the hit (relatively speaking for 80's music) songs "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" and "Honkytonk Badonkadonk."

Anyway, thanks to the miracle of closed captioning (how does it work, anyway?) I could see that George Michael was being interviewed about having an affair with a random man in the bushes of a local park*.

Anyway, he seemed very offended by the fact that the interviewer was asking him about his affair (one bush stand? Trimming more than the hedges? Don't get me started, I'll go on all day.)

Anyway, his offendedness struck me as odd. Why did he accept the invitation to be interviewed on the show if he didn't want to talk about the only thing that has put him in the news since before I was even born? Was he expecting questions about the weather ("Yes, I do think it's pretty hot out there.")? Or gas prices ("They are triple what they were before I became a washed-up B-list celebrity.")?

Anyway, it all seems sort of disingenuous. Either he is completely clueless, or he was willing to get drilled on national TV just so he could get a little spotlight time. Apparently when his 15 minutes of fame got over, he cut in front of my place in line and went back through.

Anyway, the main point of this post (as always) is that everyone should link to my blog, if only to correct this injustice.

*Strangely enough, this is the only true part of my post.

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