Want to See Some Ugly Kids?

I know where to go!

Keep checking back, because this site is under construction. More to come on May 20, they tell us.

On a side note, how did they get models for this site?

Photographer: Ma'am, we think your kid would make a great model. Can we take some pictures?
Mother: Sure. What is it for?
Photographer: Our new website called Ugly Kids.

The more I look at those pictures, I realize that the kids aren't actually that ugly. They've been crudely Photoshopped into the little sideshow attractions they are now.

2 comments on this foolish article:

Ryan said...

I didn't know the smartest man in the world had a blogger!

You learn something new everyday!

Hi Aaron!

Ryan Packer

Aaron said...

No, Pollock doesn't have a blog. But I hear he got smart from reading my page, so you should too!