Not As Bad As People Say!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThose glowing words of praise on describe the movie I'm watching right now: Demolition Man.

The idea is that Sylvester Stallone is cryogenically frozen, then brought back to fight the escaped prisoner Wesley Snipes.

Some of the highlights came from the action movie banter in the first futuristic fight scene. Snipe's character, Simon Phoenix, (who, coincidentally, rises from the dead!) yells as he shoots at Stallone "Simon says bleed!" When he recognizes Stallone as his old archenemy, he quips "Man, they'll let anybody into this century." Stallone retaliates, saying "You're on TV!" as he swings a television by the cord, striking Snipes in the face.

On another note, the president of this futuristic Los Angeles dressed like a cross between Hamid Karzai and the Pope.

EDIT: Stallone just used the phrase "hunka chunka."

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