Crass Glass Avarice

I noticed as I was buying lunch today that our local George Webb is running a scam.

I had stopped in to buy some chicken strips after I missed lunch today. They took my order, I paid and I sat down to wait for the strips to come. On a shelf at the side of the store were George Webb products--glass tumblers, metal thermos mugs and water bottles.

The tumblers (not bad looking glasses) go for $4.95. Not unreasonable at all. I'm sure you wouuld get some quality drinkage from them and they appear to hold a generous amount of your beverage of choice. The problem is in the bulk packaging. The $4.95 glasses also can be purchased in a package of four (all the same glass, same logo, etc.) for "only" $19.95. In other words, to buy four of them gets you a price hike of $.15.

Not much of a scam, I guess, but it's a problem. We as consumers expect to save money by buying more of stuff. That's the whole point of Sam's Club, right? If the government doesn't mandate that more stuff should cost less, I'm going to have to take matters into my own hands and not buy those tumblers. Or maybe buy them one at a time on four seperate visits.

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