Disturbing Dating Ad

I found this ad running down the side of a page while I was checking my hotmail account.
What exactly is this ad saying?

"True Dating Service: If you're looking for someone to grab your butt, you're in the right place"?

I noticed the fine print at the bottom (tee hee!) says "We screen for felons and married people." I have questions about whether or not that's true (or even possible), but that's not the point. Shouldn't they screen for dirty minded men who want to feel girls up in the middle of a poppy field? Look at the expression on that guy's face. He's not thinking good thoughts, I'll tell you that. And considering the surroundings, I bet he's an opium dealer. I guess they can't screen out future felons.

On another note, something about this picture just doesn't look right. The guy's arms are situated really awkwardly. And where are his legs? I only see one set (and they are coming out of the girl's hips). Maybe the guy was born without legs. The only way he can keep his balance while this girl carries him is by *ahem* holding on tight.

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