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Like this.

I love this prayer. It sounds like something from Braveheart.

A Warrior's Prayer

Great Creator God, who rules the world in glory and honor, I regret my dishonor and am ashamed of the honors I have not won. My sins are great and noisome, unbefitting a warrior, and they have brought me no glory and no honor, but only the taste of ashes. I am leaderless and lost without a foe. Your brave death was bought with great pain, and it was glorious,
for in that death upon the cross, you defeated death, sin and Satan. Lord God, I accept your atoning death as the sacrifice which covers my sin and shame. Enter into this warrior's heart and become emperor of my life. I trust in you my commander and willingly follow you into battle. Direct me now in my deeds so that I may be worthy of the honor you have bought for me!

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Alicia said...

I think that this is a great prayer. the reason why I found it is because my friend and mentor wants to write a monolog called the warriors prayer and I googled it to see if it was already a story or anything with that title.

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