Here, Have Some Cheese With That

With the finalization of the presidential election, the liberal elite is out in full force. There is a small but vocal section of the population that thinks they know what the average American needs better than the average American does. A perfect example is last night (Wednesday November 3)'s episode of The Daily Show.

The tone all night was bitter toward people who voted for Bush. Don't get me wrong, it was fairly funny. But the standard line of thought went something like this: "59 million people voted against the person I voted for. Those people are stupid." At one point, John Stewart concluded that voters must "smoke crack." Then one of his correspondants stated that Bush didn't have "mandate" last term. What the heck is mandate? Is it some kind of permission to act as president? The Constitution says you get to be president when you get a majority of the electoral votes. I doesn't mention "mandate" anywhere. I interpret that to mean that you get all the powers of the presidency whether you win by 2 or 200 electoral votes, but then again, I'm not a Supreme Court justice. Maybe "mandate" is hiding somewhere next to "right to privacy."

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