I Was Thinking Over Thinking

I am in the middle of doing my Java programming homework right now and it's hard as a presidential candidate's hairspray job. Yeah, I'm whining but I know I'm not getting any sympathy here, because I'm stuck in the middle in terms of computer skill. People who don't know computers probably would think I'm some kind of god because I can print strings of insults out on the screen. On the other hand, people who actually code Java are laughing at me because I'm struggling with do-while loops. Right now they are thinking of insults that they can print about me. They will probably not use do-while loops. What a bunch of pansies.

But the point of that explanation is to say that I have no idea why my brain feels so tired. What part of the brain is it that wears out? It doesn't have muscle fibers that break down with wear. I don't picture my noodle being like those huge guys that intimidate me while I work out with my 25 pound weights at the gym (not that I'm dwelling on those muscle bound mouth breathers who. . . ooh, please don't hurt me. Ow, please?) I'm hoping the grey matter can't just start to dissolve. (I do have to blow my nose though. I better weigh my head.) So to find out the science behind this phenomenon, I consulted Dr. Imadeanameup.

According to the good doctor, scientists have studied the effects of concentrated effort on the brain, but haven't yet come to any conclusions. Usually this is because they spend most of the time playing the "xerox my butt" prank with the CAT scanners. Scientists are apparently a silly lot. I mean, it's obvious they made this up. I'm a little concerned about those bones. Has anyone seen Elijah Wood lately?

I guess that just goes to show that science doesn't have all the answers and I'm going to have to do the research myself. As soon as these CAT scans print out.

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