Vote Tim Carpenter!

After much deliberation, the Flametroll Editorial staff has decided to back State Senator Tim Carpenter in the Wisconsin 4th congressional district primary. To tell you the truth, we have no idea where Senator Carpenter stands on any issues. We don't even know what party he belongs to. What we do know is that he knows what it takes to get elected in the great state of Wisconsin.
As a member of the editorial board was walking down Wisconsin Avenue this morning, a man handed him a Carpenter for Congress business card-sized flier. The front was typical of campaign material. It was blue on top and red on bottom with a white star shooting a white trail across the middle. It said "Carpenter for Congress" and included what is probably the blandest slogan ever--"He Speaks for Us." But the front isn't what captivated our staff and captured out support.
On the back, rather than a listing of campaign promises or quotes of support from influential people, was a Packer schedule. After Week 1 (September 13 vs. Carolina), was the date "September 14 Vote Carpenter!" Talk about knowing your audience. If any member of our editorial board was registered to vote in Wisconsin, we would suurely vote for Carpenter based solely in this criteria.

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