Reunited and It Feels So Good…

Last Friday, a group of my friends who just got back from college reunited their high school band Cadence. The concert was great. They opened with "Rain" and the sky just about did the same (the concert was outdoors).

The big surprise came during "Fading Away." Normally, Ben the drummer abandons his drums to Paul and freestyles as the rest of the band jams. This time Ben opened the rapping, then handed it off to Jason. I've never heard Jason rap before, but he was amazing. From now on, he shall be Jase Face Killa (the bleached blond white guy).

As the show wrapped up, the sky got dark in the west. It started gusting and pouring like The Day After Tomorrow. We all wanted to scramble for cover, but we had to help the bands pick up their stuff (Barlow Girl played afterwards). A roadie for Barlow Girl had me literally holding down the merchandise tent for about 15 minutes. Since I didn't have any free hands to defend myself, two of my friends decided it would be a good idea to poke my face as I stood there. (Thank you Sarah and Kate. I will release your email addresses if I don't get an apology soon.) I was waiting for a gust to pick me up and carry me off like some kind of merch-pilfering Mary Poppins. (Side note: Alliteration is the key to sounding witty when you have nothing to say.)

Anyway, if this entry bored you out of your mind, go to and listen to some good music from Jason's new band Epiphany.
EDIT: This link doesn't seem to work. I'll find the site and fix it as soon as I can.

EDIT AGAIN: It works now., not myepiphany.

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